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SkyFyre Review!

2010-03-14 14:05:05 by Coolbeans210

SkyFyre is a really good shooting game.You're a person who rides on a dragon,and kills stuff.You can level up your player and increase your stats.The game can get hard at times.There are5-6 levels in the game.You will have to keep going back and redo levels to level up your person,so you can beat the next level.I recommend that you go and play it.9/10 stars

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Hey People!!!

2010-03-14 11:37:48 by Coolbeans210

I am going to start reviewing games,and videos a couple times a week.You can come check out the reviews that I will be writing.We will start to come out with more posts once we get everything rolling.So come check us out soon!

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